10 Amazing Women Business Owners 
Are About To Skyrocket Their Revenue
(Will you be one of them?) 

You're Invited To A Deep Dive
Into Your Business And Revenue Opportunities!
Sarasota, FL
April 26, 2018

What Makes This Different...
And VERY Effective
  •  An interactive private workshop, not a one-way sit and listen event
  •  Arrive with your business information already previewed and leave with executable strategies specifically for YOU
  •  Dedicated Q&A specifically for YOUR business so you can get fast and effective results
  •  Hands-on guidance from successful business-builder Suzanne Duret, and golden-nugget insights from other savvy participants

One-Day Revenue Generation Intensive
We're Going To Get Hands On With YOUR Business
This workshop is unlike any other. Only a maximum of 10 people may attend
so that YOU and your business get personal attention.

The first half of the day is devoted to exploring and discussing your business in detail.
We then have a catered lunch brought in. During lunch participants interact with a guided approach to gain outsider insights on their business and to hear about the latest lead generation tactics. Everyone learns!

The second half of the day is devoted to strategizing effective revenue growth and bottom line improvement. The event is structured so that every participant receives dedicated guidance.

You will leave with a clear direction for strategies that convert into revenue growth. You will be prepared to execute on strategies before even leaving the workshop.
Date: April 26, 2018
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Sarasota, FL
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  9:00am  Doors open with coffee/tea meet and greet
  9:30am-12:30pm  Review and dissect each participant's business
  12:30pm-1:30pm  Catered lunch with guided group interaction for shared insights, tactics, and referrals
  1:30pm-5:00pm  Strategy sessions outlining specific-to-you lead generation and revenue growth opportunities  
Sampling of conversations we'll explore:
 Creative revenue growth strategies customized specifically for you
 What "Strategic Confidence" is and how to leverage it in your business
 What an "effective" online sales funnel is and when/why you should have one
 Communicating more effectively with men for better results
 Negotiating joint ventures and partnerships for revenue expansion opportunities
 Why a website is not a strategy; how to make yours stellar and evaluating your overall strategy
 How to move a "brick and mortar" business into the digital world for increased revenue
 How to track your print advertising ROI and tie it together with your other marketing
 Simple video techniques to connect with prospects that want YOU
Drive leads from Facebook with little time and effort
 Strategies for pulling new clients/customers from Linkedin with zero ad spend
Outsourcing your lead generation and ancillary activities
Using and leveraging analytics to identify where you are leaving money on the table
How to build a network of "Centers of Influence" who will refer your ideal clients
 Strategies for building media credibility and exposure that brings you clients/customers
  Every participant receives a private one-on-one strategy call with Suzanne after the event
I've Been Around The Track A Few Times
 Meet Suzanne Duret

"Over the years I have started 8 companies that span technology, business, revenue strategies, online marketing and sales funnels, social media strategies, and publishing. I've raised millions in venture and angel funding and accessed corporate sponsorship dollars, including VISA. I have also successfully negotiated countless opportunities within a variety of business deals. My very first company sold for millions just 21 months after launching. From there in the mid-90s (yep, I've been around awhile) world-renowned Tony Robbins wrote the Foreword to my book, Inventing For Wealth. Among other things, I am a revenue architect with 25 years of helping businesses achieve strategic growth with customized strategies, often adding hundreds of thousands to millions annually to my clients' bottom lines. Through the process I have trained clients how to have an effective sales conversation, how to brand with a compelling story, how to obtain social proof, how to stand out from competitors with online and offline strategies for increased leads and revenue, and more. I look forward to playing a role in YOUR success!"

We Get Results In ANY Industry:
Suzanne is one of the most enterprising and innovative consultants with whom I have had the privilege to work. She is a one-of-a-kind strategist whose consulting and mentorship has been invaluable.”
Kim Brooks - Entrepreneur and Director of Marketing for Wahoo Decks
Suzanne and her team delivered actionable plans to increase our growth. I would recommend them to any business looking to add clients and build revenue.”

Suprit Patel - The Bestige Group​​
Suzanne can help transform small business into BIG business in the blink of an eye! She has a wealth of knowledge to share. Suzanne's enthusiasm and expertise are so engaging that you'll find yourself jumping up and down to exceed goals you hadn't even set yet.”
Heather Truhan - Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker
I've worked with numerous companies from small to large, and it’s refreshing when we get to work with a pro like Suzanne. Her ability to simultaneously juggle all the issues of business growth, raising funds, and promotion are truly impressive.”
Robert Welch - Schneider Electric
I've had the opportunity to work with various consultants, and it is my pleasure to say that Suzanne is one of a kind. One word to express Suzanne’s approach to working with businesses and entrepreneurs would be 'Dynamic'. She has the exceptional ability to scan the entire picture, ​then narrows in and lays out a strategy.”
Sue Lee - Founder, EQ Media and IBelieveInMeKids.com
Suzanne is simply brilliant! She provides insight and direction that goes well beyond most expectations. She is a proven leader whose focus becomes her passion. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone in business I know.”
John Gaughan - The Independent Information Exchange
Effective Lead Generation Is Just
ONE Piece Of Your Success
If You Want To Grow Your Business...
Essential Questions To Answer
QUESTION #1: What creative approaches are being used to increase revenues? Where should your business trim and where should it expand? Where can you add cost-effective NEW revenue streams?

QUESTION #2: What specific value do you bring to the market? Don’t answer this question with a list of features. Instead, answer this question describing how your customers will be CHANGED FOR THE BETTER as a result of doing business with you.

QUESTION #3: How are you automating your sales and marketing? Are you doing what you've always done and not seeing increased revenue? Are you staying on top of the current marketing trends that are working online? Even local-based brick and mortar or professional service providers must have a system with as much automation as possible in order to scale their business and revenue.

QUESTION #4: Who do you serve? Most businesses define themselves by the products or services they sell. To stand out in a competitive industry define your business by the people you serve. Have you clearly defined who you serve, know where to find them, and market to them in ways that drive their desire to work with you AND separate you from the competition?

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